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 In 2017 & 2018 we had 4 EDUhackathons, this time we hacked with 3 different schools: Summa College Eindhoven, Albeda College Rotterdam & MBO Aventus. 4 different Academies (Summa Process technology, Albeda Economy, Marketing & Trade, Aventus Education Assistent & Aventus Pedagogy) were able to hack their own education, with new technologies, new partnerships (with local companies and municipalities) and better collaboration between teacher and students. The video below is one outcome. Check out our group to see the results: EDUhacks

After 4 successful editions in the first two years (2014-2016) together with over 60 partners who helped making it possible we are happy to see that other organizations and schools are also putting Education Hackathons on the agenda and make it part of their curriculum or working methodology for innovation. In the last years, we have build strong partnerships with EduOnTour  & Presenté to become a network of innovators for supporting the transition in education through innovation. Educationhack(EDUHacks) will be part of the broader community called EDUShiftsUnited . We are currently not only offering hackathons but also EDUonTour (travels for teachers/educators to discover other best practises) a networkgroup for inspiration in innovation for education and learning platform. If you are interested to partner up in EDUhacks or the broader community please let us know via info@educationhack.nl or ping us directly on 31-(0)639895302. We have volunteering and partnerships available and are happy to announce that we have published and crowdfunded our first co-creation book: “EDUSHIFTS The future of education is now” with 16 education innovators we have met over the last 5 years.  Thank you for being part of the community.   Nick van Breda, Puck Simons, Dennis Voorn & team EduShiftUnited

Education Hackathon

Education Hackathon is a global platform for students, designers, developers, edtech startups, schools, education innovators & suppliers. We focus on building solutions for today’s education problems and bring up creative ideas and solutions in the form of prototypes with a multidisciplinary approach. We don’t bash the current problems in education, we see them as a starting point for building solutions bottom up with all stakeholders. In 2015 we were hosted on the annual Permanent Beta Day, where 50 workshops and presentations were giving in break-out rooms for our participants and over 600 visitors in tech & culture. In 2016 we had the privilege to be hosted by Campus Party, the biggest technology festival in the world. A completely new learning environment where you are able to meet thousands of other innovators in every industry, camping there for a week. The Education Hackathon took place on the event from the 26th until the 27th of May where we started together at 12 Noon on Thursday all celebrate the outcomes together on 12 Noon the 27th at the award ceremony. You were able to sign up by getting a Campusero ticket on the Campus Party website using our promocode “EDUCPEU2016″, this was the first time we asked a small fee for attendance including the festival. In 2017 we were invited by various schools to organize EDUHacks for them that were hosted in various cities, always aiming to make everyone welcome to join and co-create in these hackathons. We started training professionals with train the trainer programs in “How to organize hackathons” and “How to facilitate the innovation process with Dutch Design Thinking”. Until now we have hosted and co-organized over 10 EDUhacks, creating a similar momentum in April 2018 when we trained and challenged a complete school (800 teachers and teachersupport) in a mini-hackathon of 10 hours to come up with 130 solutions for their 4 biggest schoolchallenges given by the AMT. This was a new milestone for us together with STUDIO WHY (our trusted partner in organizing hackathons/trainings since the Campus Party) as we facilitated it with 50 design thinking coaches, renting a complete theatre for this day.

May 2016 edition on Campus Party

Campus Party is the greatest technological experience of the world which brings together young geeks & aspiring entrepreneurs in a festival of innovation, creativity, science, digital entertainment & entrepreneurship. Campus Party will return to Europe, where it’s fourth edition will be held in Utrecht, The Netherlands on 25 – 29 May 2016. This weeklong, 24-hours-a-day technology event is the place to be for young technical talent to innovate, learn and engage with some of the biggest names in technology. Thousands of “campuseros” including geeks, nerds, designers, developers, gamers, hackers, scientists, startups and other fans of Internet and technology will all come together during intense days of networking and activities such as workshops, hackathons and competitions about innovation, creativity, science and digital entertainment and entrepreneurship. Go to the website. Campus Party was able to attract and host 27 different hackathons with my (Nick van Breda) help as Hackathon advisor. All of them resulted in over 100 amazing outcomes, from 6th sense predictive banking AI coach towards crowd management solutions for central stations and chatbots for large media outlets. These hackathons united over 54 nationalities, who have built friendships for life. Unfortunately it was a one of event here in the Netherlands, but I am grateful for this kickstart, being able to help in so many sectors to innovate with participants from all over the world. We recommend you to definitely join a Campus Party edition elsewhere like in Italy, Mexico or in Brazil where annually this massive festival takes place with between 10.000-100.000 visitors each year. You will not only have the opportunity to join hackathons and workshops but also meet the biggest influencers on the internet, in media, science, innovation and creativity. No-one else in the event space offers this big of a variety of content, but if you seek anything closer by do check out Bright Day, CampZone or Innovation Games/Hackathons. Hope to see you soon at our next Hackathon!

About the Hackathon

A short intro about 24h Education Hackathon (2016)

What will be the future of Virtual Reality in Education, how will we achieve life-long learning independent from place and time, what will be the tools to learn in a way that is more personalised and fun? This edition we partnered up with a blend of the best edtech startups, the most impactful education suppliers and ofcourse awesome Technology partners.

Last year’s themes

Personalized Life-long Learning

Open Source

New Technologies in Education

Last year’s cases!

Prepare yourself: download last year’s cases!

Previous Jury members

Previous prices

Smartwatches for the winning team of case Kennisnet
– Powered by Kennisnet
3D printers for the winning team of case Avans Innovative Lab- Powered by Avans University
Become a shareholder in the worldwide platform for 24h Education Hackathons: EduHacksUnited!
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Partners who made EDUhack possible


The Program

Program 24h Education Hackathon: The Netherlands May 2016

                • 11:00-12:00 Keynote Tijl Koenderink (Science Stage) – Case presentations case partners & Vow ECDL
                • 12:00-13:00 Workshop 1 (Science workshops room): Trendwatching & Ideation in groups (DOON)
                • 16:00-17:00 Workshop 2 (Science workshop room): Concepting & business modeling (DOON)
                • 17:00-18:00 Workshop 3 (Science workshop room): API & intro coding class (Kennisnet, Avans & Edtech partners)
                • 18:00-19:00 Workshop 4 (Science workshop room): Gamification – How to make your concept addicting! (Mission Start)
                • 23:00-00:00 Workshop 5 (Science workshop room): Pitch Training by David Beckett
                • 00:00-15:00 (Campus Arena) Building a working prototype, business plan, business model, pitch
                • 15:00 (Campus Arena) Deliver final products with your team, pitch your prototypes at your table, jury will select the 6 best teams to pitch their prototypes on stage for the prices (guests welcome to listen with Campus Party day ticket)
                • 18:00-19:00 (Science Stage) Final pitches & Award ceremony (invite your colleagues & friends over)

The Team

We would love to welcome you at this year’s edition, so be there!